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In Trend: May 2020

This quarter is slightly different. Usually I would write about the trends we are currently seeing in beauty based on the catwalks, studies, celebrities and what we are seeing in the salon. However, as we have all been in lockdown and beauty salons have been closed, the trends are harder to spot. Therefore, my trends post this quarter will be on what I believe the trends to be once we come out of lockdown.
So, my three trends this quarter are Magenta Nails, Clean Beauty & Minimalistic Makeup.

At the moment we are seeing nude pink nails from the likes of Kylie Jenner and Cara Delahoyd. I think most people are opting for the nude colours at home, as they are easier to touch up when you are having to do them yourself. However, when the salons reopen, I think most people will opt for brighter shades. CND have just released the new Nautical collection, which is focused on pink and purple hues. I think most clients will opt for a magenta nail to take advantage of both these colour options.

The online sales of personal care products have increased by 53% in the past two months, with over half of these products being considered as ‘safe’.  Consumers are looking for products which are antibacterial and have protective ingredients. The demand for these types of products have soared due to the current situation and has reminded us that personal hygiene is of the upmost importance. I think this demand will continue throughout the summer and into next year, with consumers looking for skincare products which have antibacterial properties. I also believe that we will be looking for ingredients which have naturally occurring antibacterial properties, as appose to harsh chemicals which dry out the skin. Therefore, we will be searching for products with ingredients such as chamomile, echinacea, coconut and manuka honey, all of which are known to be anti-bacterial.
We have many products in salon which have anti-bacterial properties and that are kind to the skin. For example, the Heaven Chamomile Hydrogel has coconut, chamomile, echinacea, rose and witch hazel in it. It is a 3 in 1 product that cleanses, primes and moisturises and because of its gel formula, it sinks deeper into the skin and works faster than the regular liquid toners. The hydrogels are priced from £19 and are extremely cost effective, as you only need to use a small pea sized pump each time.

As most people have been staying indoors or working from home, there has been a decrease in the number of people wearing makeup each day. Loreals’ most recent figures show that there has been a decrease in the sale of cosmetic products and I am not surprised. People have gradually got used to seeing themselves with less makeup on and are preferring the way they look without it. I expect to see more minimal makeup looks when we come out of lock down, perhaps just a bit of blush and mascara. I also expect that there will be a decrease in the number of people getting eyelash extensions, where we have got used to our more natural looks. I also suspect eyebrows to follow in a similar vain, where we will see more natural, outgrown brows with hardly much shaping. Instead, I think we will opt for treatments that are good for our mind and body, such as Indian Head massage or Reflexology. We will look for treatments that can heal us after the effects the lock down has had on our mental health.      

Yasmin x