Just For Women

These are the prices for our current treatment menu


Eyebrows (15min) £15
Lip (5min) £10
Chin (10min) £10
Sides (15min) £14
Lip & Chin (15min) £18
Chin & Neck (15min) £15
Brow & Lip (15min) £23
Brow, Lip & Chin (25min) £31
Full Face (30min) £43
Full Face & Nostril (45min) £50


Nostril (10mins)  £10
Half Arm (15mins) £15
Full Arm (30mins) £20
Underarm (15mins) £12
Abdomen (15mins) £10
Lower Back (15mins) £15
Full Back (30mins) £25
Half Leg* (20min)  £20
3/4 Leg* (25min) £25
Full Leg* (30min) £30
Bikini* (15min) £18
High Bikini* (20min) £23
G String* (25min) £28
Brazilian* (30min) £33
Hollywood* (30min) £35
*£5 discount on leg & bikini combo
Full Body (1hr30) £82
Full Leg, Hollywood, Underarm & Full Arm
Extended Full Body (2hr) £115
Full Leg, Hollywood, Underarm, Full Arm, Abdomen & Full Back


Eyebrow Tint*(10min) £12 
Eyelash Tint* (20min) £18
Lash & Brow Tint* (30min) £26
Brow Tint & Shape* (20min) £23
Henna Brows* (30min) £25
Henna Brows & Shape* (45min) £36
Lash Lift (No Tint)* (30min) £43
Lash Lift (incl. Tint)* (45min) £48
Brow Lamination* (30min) £33
Brow Lamination with Tint or Shape* (30min) £41
Brow Lamination, Tint & Shape* (45min) £51
Add Lash Lift to any Lamination treatment for £25
* 24hr patch test required


Cut Nails Only (10min) £15
 Mini Manicure  (30min) £30
Shaping, Cuticles & Polish
Classic Manicure (45min) £40
Soak, Shaping, Cuticles, Massage & Polish
Luxury Manicure (1hr) £45
Soak, Shaping, Cuticles, Exfoliation, Massage, Mask, Heated Mitts & Polish
Kids Manicure (15min) £15
Add French to any Mani for £5 (15min)


Shellac Hands or toes (1hr) £40
Add French for £5
Shellac Removal (15min) £15
Shellac Removal & Tidy (30min) £25
Add Shellac to any manicure or pedicure for £10


Cut Nails Only (10min) £15
Mini Pedicure (30min)  £30
Shaping, Cuticles & Polish
Express Pedicure (45min) £35
Soak, Shaping, Cuticles, Massage & Polish
Classic Pedicure (1hr) £40
Soak, Shaping, Cuticles, Hard Skin Removal, Exfoliation, Massage & Polish 
Luxury Pedicure (1hr15) £45
Soak, Shaping, Cuticles, Exfoliation, Hard Skin Removal, Massage, Mask, Heated boots & Polish
Callus Peel (45min) £42
Hard skin treatment. Includes Shaping & Cuticles. Add Callus Peel to classic or luxury pedicure for £10
Kids Pedicure (15min) £15
Add French to any Pedi for £5 (15min)

Plexigel Builder Gel

Builder Gel (1hr15) £50
Builder Infil (1hr 15) £48
Builder Gel & Shellac (1hr30) £60
Builder Infil & Shellac change (1hr30) £58
Extend one nail for £5
Builder Removal (30min) £20
Builder Removal & Tidy (45min) £30
Add Builder to any manicure  for £20
Add Plexigel Shaper to any manicure, pedicure or shellac treatment for £5 (perfect for weak, brittle nails. A thin layer of builder is applied to create a strong base. Helps manicures last longer and nails to grow stronger)

Heaven Facials

Teen Facial (30min) £39
Under 18s who are experiencing breakouts and a change in skin tone & texture. Includes, steam & extraction
Express Facial (30min) £44
A relaxing taster facial, suitable for sensitive skin
Luxury Facial (1hr) £59
A relaxing facial suitable for sensitive skin. Includes steam, extraction & Massage
Bee Spotless (1hr)  £69
Perfect for oily or spot prone skin. Includes, steam, a focus on extraction, suction machine & Massage
Bee Balanced (1hr) £64
Perfect for dry skin, or those with eczema or psoriasis. Includes steam, extraction, jade roller & Massage
Nettle Venom Vegan Facial (1hr) £75
Perfect for anti-ageing, rashes, blemishes & uneven skin tone. Includes steam, extraction, jade roller & massage
Bee Venom (1hr15) £79
Perfect for anti-ageing, rosacea, broken capillaries, scarring & pigmentation. Includes steam, extraction, face, neck & shoulder massage, hand & arm massage & optional scalp massage


Hopi Ear Candles (45min) £48
A relaxing treatment that helps get rid of impurities in the ear. Ideal for those with congested sinuses, headaches, flu or colds
Back Scrub (1hr) £65
A treatment that purifies and cleanses the skin. Ideal for those who do a lot of sporting activities or those who suffer from acne


Aromatherapy Massage 
A personalised massage that uses essential oils to help relax & rejuvenate the skin 
Back, Neck & Shoulder (30min) £42
Foot & Leg (30min) £42
Full Body (1hr) £57
Add 15 min Scalp Massage for £10
Swedish Massage 
A deep tissue massage that uses firm pressure to help release tension & detoxify the body
Back, Neck & Shoulder (30min) £42
Foot & Leg (30min) £42
Full Body (1hr) £57
Add 15 min Scalp Massage for £10
Pregnancy Massage
A relaxing massage suitable for those in the 2nd or 3rd trimester 
Back, Neck & Shoulder (30min) £47
Full Body (1hr) £62
Indian Head (30min) £45
A relaxing treatment that uses acupressure massage on the head, neck & shoulders. Ideal for those who are prone to migraines, or those who suffer with anxiety or depression
Reflexology (30min) £45 (1hr) £60
This treatment involves using pressure points on the feet connected to certain organs or systems. It can relieve stress, anxiety & pain, as well as improve emotional & mental well being.


No Needle Filler
No needle air pressure pen that delivers hyaluronic filler into the skin. The treatment is pain free and the results are natural. We can even out lines and wrinkles around the mouth, correct and plump uneven lips, as well as increase hydration lost due to the natural ageing process. We recommend two treatments two weeks apart for best results. 
(Please note you may require more treatments to achieve your desired look) 
0.5ml £95
1ml £150
0.5ml 2 week top up £60
1ml 2 week top up £100
Please note: 
1) In order to have LIP NV you must be over the age of 18, not pregnant or breastfeeding and not on any long term medication or antibiotics 
2) You must not drink alcohol for 48 hours before the appointment
3) You must not smoke for 12 hours before the appointment
4) Any hair removal around the area should be done more than 3 days before the appointment
5) You must not donate blood for 1 week before the appointment
6) You must stop using strong face creams (i.e retinol) 1 week before the appointment
7) You must not have had any laser, chemical peels or cosmetic surgery in the 2 weeks before your appointment
8) If you have previously had filler elsewhere, you would need to wait at least 8 months before we would be able to do the treatment